You know after spending a while on the computer today… trying to tap into twitter, facebook, myspace, wordpress, yahoo, google, blogger… I realized… “what the F is up with all of the live-feeding, Carol?”  Seriously, what are you going to live-feed?  “I am on twitter, now.”  “I just checked my myspace page.”  “I didn’t have any messages”  “I don’t think anyone likes me.”  “Does anyone like me?”  “Since I’ve seen it on every other webpage today and I am a dork, I had to wiki- what rss means?”  “I am breastfeeding, right now… that’s why it is taking me an hour to type this sentence with my one free, yet gimp-like hand.”  I mean for about 5 mins a week my life is kind of interesting, but most of the time *yawn* it’s pretty dull.  *cricket cricket chirp chirp*  Yes, please stop all of your gasping with shock and amazement.  So, let’s see… to experiment, today I:

woke up around 9:30 – 10:00 amish with Leila and Phoebe.  I don’t know how long Jax had been awake, but I’m sure that it had been under an hour.

I fixed the kids breakfast (reality – read the date on the gallon of milk, noticed that it was still good, told them they could fix a bowl of cereal if they wanted and opened up two fruit cups for them)

did two loads of laundry twice thanks to our dryer that has all of the sudden decided that it must run two cycles to dry one load and if you forget that it needs the second dry cycle… the clothes mildew in there and then need to be rewashed (reality – 2×2=4 loads of laundry)

grounded son from computer for whining about be asked to get off of the computer

took kids to the bookstore where I felt like I needed to have hired a cowboy to herd them all together every five minutes

tried to get the baby unsuccessfully to sleep for the 5th and final time today… scream, scream, scream… my nerves are teetering on *siren RED ALERT siren DANGER DANGER siren*

dinner?  what you kids are hungry again?  well, if Phoebe will let me put her… *wah wah scream wah wah*  who wants Chef Boyardee?  yummm….

Mike came home and left to hunt some food for us.

Turns out Papa John’s was an easy kill.

Finally, got baby to slee…. *wah wah….*



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