testing… testing…

Starting a website is like walking through a corn maze, in the dark, with flashlights hidden about, but their batteries are dead… oh, and the corn maze is on mars where corn is not so much corn, but scary man-eating alien plants… oh, and you’ve just taken a giant bite of an acid trip inducing mushroom that makes everything scary much more magnified and even simple tasks ridiculously confusing and painstaking.  The internet is one ginormous  exhausting puzzle… when you are an IDIOT!  Unfortunately, I’m an idiot… the pinnacle of dummie.  I know this because I bought WordPress for Dummies and had a hard time following it.  Ask me what that did for my ego…  well for starters, it made me dry-heave at the mere though that I still had about $20,000 left to pay on my extremely useless college education (the fact that I can’t follow a “made for dummies” book and the zillion grammatical errors and misused words that these blogs are sure to contain).  I purchased a domain, but did so through wordpress.com and not wordpress.org (with which you need to purchase a subscription through a host first and then download).  Huh?!  Yep, I turned to the plugins chapter and couldn’t figure out why I didn’t have a plugins manager on my home screen.  For an hour I tapped on the computer, searching here and there for my plugins manager.  I got super frustrated and then, as moms do, started taking out my frustration on my children (who were just acting out because I had abandoned them for some useless computer tinkering).  Anywho, as it turned out there was a tiny paragraph way back on page 16 of WordPress for Dummies that stated something like Remember: You cannot uses plugins on wordpress.com accounts… blah… blah… blah… you might want to highlight this because you are after all a DUMMIE… blah… blah… blah…

Needless to say, while I do have my domain name reserved, I think I need some more computer savvy to advance myself to self-hosting sites and wordpress.org.  Also, it appears I shall need a bit more cash.  So, I shall keep my wordpress.com account for now and just continue on with my boring old stay-at-home-mommy-blogging until I can advance myself to into businessy type things… like my distant (now even more so) dream of children’s clothing design.

Must go… 10 month old in tub as I sit nearby typing on the potty (lid is down, not in use, in case you were wondering).  She just spotted a spider floating in the tub and freaked out.  Sat the computer on the sink and then it fell to the floor with a thud on my 9-year-old son’s foot.  Much screaming and cursing ensuing… must definitely… stop… typing…


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