Christmas is coming… Carol’s getting fat

… come and put a hay-penny… Wait!  A hay-penny?  That’s half a cent!  Now that’s some bad economy there.

Well, my last post ended with me dropping the computer in the bathroom on my son’s toe.  While driving to Texas during the week of Thanksgiving I heard my husband say, “What happened to the computer?” Me:  *quick!  grab your poker face*  “Hmmm?  What?” Mike:  “The computer!  What happened?  The corner of the screen has cracked off!” Me:  *glance at laptop screen, notice that indeed the corner has completely chipped off*  What?  My ears must be popping.  *glance out window and notice that we were in Arkansas.  crap!  we left the ear-popping mountains of Tennessee behind us the day before* Mike:  Jaxon, did you hit the computer with anything or drop it?  *crap!  he’s going to out me… quick say something…* Me:  It probably happened while we were packing up the van for the trip or during one of our many pee breaks.  *see Mike roll his eyes… aaaand  I think he’s buying it…. shew!*

Now, as long as I don’t tell him that this blog exists… this chipped computer thing is our secret, so shhhhh!

So, Christmas is right around the corner and we got a boatload, as in Noah’s Ark… sooo….arkload of snow on Saturday.  The roads have been horrible, so we’ve been cooped up inside for 3 days.  Christmas + stuck inside = CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!!  I love baking!!!  Love, love, love baking!  Just last year I discovered the key to great cookie baking is UNSALTED butter.  I had no idea.  So far I’ve made Hershey’s White Chocolate Biggies (chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips), Gorilla Cookies (chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and crushed walnuts), and Peanut Butter Secrets (Resees peanut butter cup, hidden within a peanut butter cookie, iced with a melted mixture of peanut butter and chocolate chips)  *yum!  I just had 2 of these for breakfast.* I’m having a very hard time buttoning many of my jeans already!


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