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Sewing… down the toilet???

I’ve been sewing around the clock lately.  An outfit for Phoebe here, a dress for Leila there, an outfit for Leila’s Fancy Nancy doll, Barbie outfits, and even hand-dying and decorating onesies for Phoebe.  So far, everything has just been a learning process  (i.e. nothing up to my extreme nit-picky standards… aka- i.e. would not pick up in a store and say “I gotta have this!”).  I find it hard to channel my inner designer with 3 whiny kids beckoning for “Ma-Ommm!” every 2 seconds.  In fact, while pressing Leila’s dress in the hallway today (the only space for an ironing board in this shrinking by the minute, cluttered old house) Jax was supposed to be watching Phoebe for me.  He did so by offering her a matchbox car with which she promptly threw in the toilet as soon as Leila got up to wipe herself after a pee.  Jaxon started crying… because OMG, Mom, my matchbox car (1 of 1 million that I own) is at the bottom of the toilet amidst Leila’s pee and a wad of used toilet paper.  I tried to scoop the car out with the toilet bowl brush, but to no avail.  I had to resort to reaching in and unraveling the toilet paper from around it.  Jaxon started whining, Leila started laughing, and Phoebe just flipped out because I wouldn’t hand the car back to her.  I looked at all three and screamed, “You know guys, this is no picnic for me either!” As I scrubbed my hands, I started to feel really guilty.  I mean, it’s not fair for me to ask them to babysit Phoebe every time I want to space out on a project.  I am, after all, ignoring them every time I sit at the sewing machine.  But, I enjoy it… I really do!  I really want to be better at it and with every dress I feel like I am so much closer to getting pretty darn good at it… Imagine… Good… At something I like to do… that’s pretty great!  With a bit of micro-managing, a little less OCD, and a lot more patience (and an apology or two to my little ones for my previous impatience), maybe… just maybe… I can do this!


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