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Work in Progress…

the following is of Phoebe’s 1st Birthday Dress

the party theme is Dandelion Wishes

hand embroidered dandelion seeds blewing in the wind


4 thoughts on “Work in Progress…

  1. Your sewing is supercute. Much better then I do lol. Here is a website I love. I make hairbows but they have a whole sewing section if you post your stuff on that sight the will let you know the truth if they like it or not lol.http://hipgirlclips.com/forums/ I love this sight hope you like it too

  2. Thanks so much for commenting, Missy! I’ve checked out your link and a lot of those girls look out of my league. Once I get some more experience under my belt, I may just post some pics there to get some feedback. They’ve got great ideas that I will put to use. Thanks again for commenting! Post some pics of your hairbows when you get a chance. I’d love to see them:)

  3. Not badf; just do not have any grandaughters yet. I sew some; have made some quilts. Use to sew back when I was in 4-H and my mom taught me many steps. Kate also sews so if you need any help we can try?

    1. Thanks for commenting here, too:) I’ve been wanting to venture into infant/toddler boys clothing as well, if you’ve got any ideas for that I’d love to hear them:) I still have and use the “farm” quilt that you and Kate made for Jax when I was expecting him. You guys are fabulous quilters! I’ve tried doing my own quilts, but they are sooo time consuming and expensive (quite frankly) that I’m glad I moved on to tiny clothing:)

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