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Sew much to learn!

So this website will soon be a REAL website… or at least have a better appearance!  Starting a website isn’t the easiest thing to do when you are doing it on your own and barely understand the workings of simple internet avenues such as, Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook, let alone write your own CSS.   The plan is to sell and or showcase handmade clothing and accessories for children from newborn to 6 years of age.  Blogs will provide updates on new items for sale as well as tips and tricks for the beginning sewer/crafter.  These ‘tip-providing’ blogs will start at the beginning… and I do mean beginning… as in how to thread your sewing machine and how to sew a straight line.  They will provide idiot-proof (basically, because the writer (eh… hem… me) started out below idiot-level, so it will be as simple as I need/ed it to be) methods about how to create simple projects and tricks for making your adventure in sewing/crafting as easy as possible.  However, you can bet your bottom that these tips and tricks will yield a professional looking and quality made product… well, as close as you can get for a beginner, anyway.  I, myself, was a frustrated beginner because I didn’t understand the lingo of the professional sewing world.  I will help you through it with detailed, yet simple explanations.  Though, I am more experienced now, I am, by no means, near a professionally schooled level, so those of you out there that are professionals and happen upon this site, please, do not pass judgment, but feel free to write a comment on how you would approach the subject.  Many of the blogs will also be about new topics that I am in the process of learning, so we can learn them together.

As, I previously stated, I will also be selling and showcasing a few of my favorite items… you know, in case you don’t have the time to make them yourself. Items for sale will be made with the utmost care and detail to quality.

Stay-tuned for blog for beginners #1, products, and my new ad banner.

P.S.  Thanks for bearing with the ugliness of this whole process!  I know this site has been haughty, but I am very stubborn and want to learn as much as I can about this process on my own.  However, I’m definitely open to tips:)  I’ve gotten a few recently and will credit my contributor as soon as I put his tips into action!


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