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a less-than-fabulous result

I’ve done many more outfits, but 2 of them are gifts that have yet to be given, so I’m not going to post the pics of them until they’ve been revealed to their new owner.  I did pause production for a bit to sew my girls’ Easter dresses.  They turned out less than spectacular, so I’m pretty disappointed, but they will wear them while toting their Easter baskets at the great Ewing egg hunt, nonetheless.  I’ve never done a collar before, as you can see, and I probably never will again.  They are time consuming and a nuisance to get one to mirror the other.  Also, the band isn’t “crumpling” as it should, so I’ll probably have to hand tack it into place.  And Leila’s dress seems poorly tailored… I’m not sure what happened there.  Obviously, there are many kinks to be worked out with these specific patterns.  Like I said, I’ve still got a lot to learn!!!

Also, this is just a guess, but the dresses may look better when the girls don’t have bedhead.


3 thoughts on “a less-than-fabulous result

  1. You make me want to expand my extremely limited sewing ability which consists of baby quilts. I think they (the dresses and girls) are adorable! Bedhead and all!

    1. Thanks, Courtney! I appreciate your kindness:) Do you do your baby quilts by hand or machine? That’s what I started sewing in the beginning and then it morphed into large quilts, but that became too expensive and then I made a dress for Leila when she was almost two. Now, I’ve spiraled out of control. Now that you have a little girl to adorn with all kinds of cute dresses, tutus and accessories, it may happen to you. Take warning!!!

  2. I use a machine. I tried by hand once upon a time, but had a really hard time keeping a consistent stitch. I have always wanted to get better at sewing (I think I will be enrolling into your sewing for idiots lessons). And yes, I do want to be able make stuff for Emma. And looking at your pictures inspire me, but also intimidate me! Hope that boosts your confidence a little! What do you reccomend I start with?

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