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Not always perfect

Crapitty, crap, crap, crap!  So I recently learned that just because a pattern looks just like one you already have, just a different size, it’s not the same!  I bought a smaller pattern of the black/white polka dot jumper that I already made for a precious baby named Emma.  While sewing it, I noticed that it looked huge.  I tried altering it twice making it smaller and smaller each time.  I concluded that I should dismiss my instinct that was telling me that the outfit was too big and trust the pattern.  I then saw the photos of Miss Emma wearing the dress and was dumbfounded by how much she was swimming in it.  Poor little thing!  I’m going to make a new one just as fast as my machine can sew it, but this time I’m going to sew it without the pattern.  Wish me luck!  Lesson learned:  trust your gut, not a pattern!

Posts have been far and few here and I’m really bummed about it.  I wish I had time to just sew and blog away, but alas… Spring Soccer- 4 days a week + Spring Baseball-4 to 5 days a week + Gymnastics 2 days a week + Husband’s softball- 3 days a week + my husband out of town for 3 consecutive weeks + countless numbers of colds, flus, stomach bugs = absolutely no time for me (or housework).  I know “Wah wah wah!”  But really… it’s nice to be the whiner sometimes, so just listen to my violin play and pull out your tissues and just feel bad for me… OK?  Because my life = well… pretty darn… good, actually… I can’t lie!  I love every second of watching my kids perform… just wish there was a little “me time” thrown in there once in a while.

Anywho,  I hope little Emma’s new outfit turns out much better and I will post pictures of her in it as soon as I can.   In the meantime here are some things that I’ve done for my own little girls:

Shoes for Phoebe.  Made with super strong denim soles!  She loves how comfy they are and promptly finds them and brings them to me whenever she wants to go outside.

Phoebe’s first real tutu!  Mike did a not-so-great-job of honing in on the tutu in these photos, but who can blame him for not resisting the urge to focus in on that smile.

Leila’s kimono… she designed it.  It didn’t turn out too bad considering that I made it without a pattern!

Another no pattern top for Phoebe.  Can you tell that it’s gotten a lot of wear?  I has been recently retired.


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