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My Niche

I’m really in the process of finding my niche in the children’s clothing business.  I’ve been working with new design possibilities, so that I can narrow things down to a few items to brand in different colors and patterns.  So far, I’m coming up with a blank and a ton of outfits for Leila and Phoebe, but nothing really producible for clients.  It’s very frustrating and I can’t help, but want to give up most days.  Especially, when I see my daily chores around the house being neglected.  I’m hoping to have at least 5 different designs perfected in about 5 different sizes by August when I plan on having a Fall Fashion Preview for friends and family.  My goal on the day of the FFP is to market these designs and maybe sell a few items to raise money for Leila’s Maryland State Gymnastics tuition.  If you are interested in attending or just want to offer critiques, criticism, and ideas for designs please comment here.  I would really and truly love to hear any and all feedback… the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Here are some of my end of May products:

kimono style jacket
kimono style jacket hood
child who is 16 months old... thus, too old for a bottle, but it keeps her quiet, so I give it to her.
kimono style jacket
Where's Phoebe??? I don't know, but is that milk she's already spilled on her new jacket??? Grrr!!!!
Super Phoebe and her cat emblemmed cape!
Super Phoebe
Tulip Jumper with Snail detail
Snail detail
Note: Matching Shoes!!!
Tulip Jumper: butt view of ruffles
Tulip Jumper (yes, that is a bruise giving her the oober chic impression of a unibrow)

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