It’s not a train engineer’s, or a golfer’s…

This is an example of what the hat looks like on:

Ok, so it’s poofy and kinda floppy, but I’m trying to edit that.

I made the hat below, as is, but much much smaller, on Saturday!

(Please take into account that Baby Alive has a newbornish size head and that Fancy Nancy has a lot of wild curls stuffed into the hat.)

It’s cute, I think.  It looks like a little hat.  What type of hat?  It’s debatable.  I call it a paperboy hat (aka – newsboy; pageboy).  It’s like hats popularly adorned by “paperboys” while selling newspapers in the streets circa 1920’s.  Mike tells me that it looks like a train conductor’s hat, which irritates me.  I think he says it A: because it’s striped.  Therefore, according to him, every striped hat in existence must be a train conductor’s.  B: because he admittedly has never heard of a “newsboy” nor has seen any movies staged in or around the 1920’s.  C:  because he loves to irritate me.  D:  all of the above.

To review:

This is a newsboy hat:

This is a train engineer’s hat:

This is a golfer’s hat:

All similar,  yet very different!


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