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Thanks for the support!

Here she is!

This lovely lady is Miss Elizabeth or little Lizzie, as I like to call her;)  She is the beauty that got the ball rolling here at Elleciel Vert BABY, so she is very special!  In this photo she is wearing the very first tutu made by EV/me.  It is dry-clean only, unfortunately.  I discovered this when I subsequently made one for Phoebe, washed it, dried it, and discovered that it had shriveled into a wad of horror.  I chalked it up to lesson learned, but you know, sometimes I still forget to check the launder instructions when I go to buy fabric.  Plans are in the making for Lizzie’s super-fluffy wash and wear tutu!

And this handsome young man is Lizzie’s older brother.  He is SuperDan!

He’s saving the world… one hot chick at a time!

Thanks again, Renee!


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