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Ouch! That was a punch in the gut!

Nothing feels worse for someone who hand-sews,  than walking around a store and seeing one of their beloved items to make in the clearance rack.  Today, on a shopping excursion with Phoebe, I saw racks of infant, toddler, and child tutus on clearance.  Boo!! Even at Baby Gap, there they were… $16.99?!  I think at Old Navy some were as low as $6.99 and at Target I’m pretty sure that they are $12.99 reg. price.  Holy, Moses!  In the middle of the store I muttered aloud, “How am I supposed to compete with that?” But, the fact is… I can’t.  All I can do is apologize for my own price-gouging (though trust me currently Elleciel Vert is a non-profit organization) and let you know… “There are awesome sales on girls’ tutus going on at:  Gap, Old Navy, Children’s Place, and Target.  I even think Walmart has a version of a baby tutu now.”  But I hear they are not as fluffy and disintegrate as soon as you walk out of the store;)


2 thoughts on “Ouch! That was a punch in the gut!

  1. As the owner of an Elleciel Vert original tutu, I highly recommend them! They have gobs of them on etsy that are also not at a mass distributor price, but Emma’s is cuter!

    1. Courtney, you made my day! Thank you! I cannot express enough how much your support in this venture has meant to me. You’re the best!

      P.S.- I’m planning for my first online tutorial to be on making diaper covers/bloomers, so stay tuned. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is:)

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