Cutie Pie Contest

Cutest Baby/Child Contest

Elleciel Vert will be hosting a “Cutest Baby/Child Contest”.  Send in a picture (along with a written release for this website to display the photo to the public) of your baby or child dressed in their favorite Elleciel Vert original to enter.  All photos must be received by December 31, 2010 in order to be eligible.  If you have purchased an Elleciel Vert item and given it as a gift, ask the parent of the child you gifted for a photo of the child in the outfit and for permission to use the photo in the contest.  All photos will be displayed online on January 1, 2011 and a public poll will run until February 1, 2011, which will determine the winner.  The contest winner will receive an Elleciel Vert outfit/item of their choice for FREE! (Depending on the winner’s choice the value of this prize could be upwards of $125.)  If you have received an Elleciel Vert item from me as a gift, that item is valid for entry! Capes, hats, outfits, dresses, coats, shoes, tutus, etc. are all acceptable items for entry.  Just please make sure that the EV clothing item is as well noticed in the photo as your child.  Have fun taking photos and be creative!  Photos may be emailed to or message me (Carol Ann) via Facebook.  If I already have a photo that you wish to enter, please just tell me which one you would like to enter and I’ll take care of it.  Get this… you can also enter as many photos of a child for as many different items they have!  Multiple photos will be accepted as long as the child is wearing a different outfit/item in each one.  All votes will be tallied per child not per photo.  So, bring on the fashion show!

If you have not yet purchased Elleciel Vert clothing for your child… you still have plenty of time to do so before the photo deadline!!!  I will be accepting orders after October 31, 2010 and you can expect a fabulous new shipment of winter/Christmas items to be available at Europa in Cambridge, MD around the second week of November!  P.S.  Elleciel Vert clothing/items make great gifts (think about upcoming birthdays, baby showers, and holidays)!  You can buy something for your niece, best friend’s baby, daughter’s school-pal, etc. and win something for your child OR vice-versa.

I look forward to any and all entries!

P.S.  The contest poll will be conducted fairly and will be completely open to the public, so tell your friends and family to get online and vote in January.  All employees (eh-hem… me) will be prohibited from voting.  Not that the latter rule matters, as I would most definitely vote for every contestant;)


3 thoughts on “Cutest Baby/Child Contest

  1. Oh, that’s a great idea!!! I’m also going to update the contest announcement to say that “if the child has multiple Elleciel Vert outfits then multiple photos (one photo per outfit/item) will be accepted”. All votes per child will be totaled, so bring on the fashion show! Rock it, Lizzie!

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