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Cutie Pie Contest – update

A new shipment of clothing is ready to be delivered to Europa in Cambridge, but will be delayed.  When my computers crashed, both within a month, they took my clothing tags with them.  All of my memory was lost and apparently, my tags and logo were not saved on the backup external drive.  Of course!!!  So, I’m having to revamp my logo and tags from scratch and it’s taking longer than anticipated.  Onwards and upwards, though!!!    Shipment should be available by the planned 2nd week of November date.

EV Cutie Pie Contest- 2010

I have received a few photos already and I’m so excited.  Please know that you are welcome to enter multiple photos of one child.  The only rule is that the child must be wearing a different Elleciel Vert item in each photo.  Votes will be tallied per photo and then totaled per child.

In addition, those who enter a professional quality photo will be eligible for a free gift.  That’s right, win, lose, or draw a professional photo is worthy of a free EV gift (stay-tuned for details)!  Please ask photographer to brand the photo (for their own advertisement) and to release the photo for use on this website.  If you or the photographer have any questions feel free to email me @

P.S.  EV’s version of baby boots (Ugg-style with an EV twist) coming soon!!!


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