It’s just SUPER!

I wanted to throw in a quick thank you to Rachael Dyda and her friend Erin for buying and sending me a picture of this adorable guy in one of my capes…

Super Beck!

Erin kindly sent me this picture of Beck about 9 months ago, but I had forgotten that I set up a separate business email and given it to Rachael to pass along.  Now that the website is in it’s final stages of creation, the store is up and running, and sales are moving on Etsy, I’m not as flustered as I was a year ago.  My apologies to Rachael, Erin, and another friend of hers, Lis who tried to place an order on that forgotten email address.

Anyway, back to Beck… Isn’t he cute?

Thanks again, guys!

If anyone would like to place an order for a custom cape (colors, initial, and superhero symbol) feel free to contact me!  ALL email addresses are now directly connected to my phone now.  ellecielvert@gmail.com, leilajax@verizon.net, or leave a comment!  I’ll be placing a listing for a custom cape order in my store soon!


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