Blogs will provide updates on new items for sale as well as tips and tricks for the beginning sewer/crafter.  These ‘tip-providing’ blogs will start at the beginning… and I do mean beginning… as in how to thread your sewing machine and how to sew a straight line.  They will provide idiot-proof (basically, because the writer (eh… hem… me) started out below idiot-level, so it will be as simple as I need/ed it to be) methods about how to create simple projects and tricks for making your adventure in sewing/crafting as easy as possible.  However, you can bet your bottom that these tips and tricks will yield a professional looking and quality made product… well, as close as you can get for a beginner, anyway.  I, myself, was a frustrated beginner because I didn’t understand the lingo of the professional sewing world.  I will help you through it with detailed, yet simple explanations.

Though, I am more experienced now, I am, by no means, near a professionally schooled level, so those of you out there that are professionals and happen upon this site, please, do not pass judgment, but feel free to write a comment on how you would approach the subject.  Many of the blogs will also be about new topics that I am in the process of learning, so we can learn them together.

For more information of if you have any questions, please leave a comment or email me at ellecielvert@gmail.com


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