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Giveaway winner @ Patching Hearts and new items available on Etsy!

Congratulations to Carrie for winning the blogtastic giveaway over @ Patching Hearts!  She won a personalized “It’s Raining Love” onesie.  If you are not Carrie and were not lucky enough to win you can go over to Etsy and purchase one of your very own!  I also made this recent special order.

Message me or comment if you’d like to order.  While perfecting my hat sizes I made extras which are now on clearance.  You can click on the image to be redirected for purchasing.

This one is size 9 months – 2 years.


This one is size 0-3 months.


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Welcome to!  This is a brand new website that I’m designing with my wee little brain and a book called “WordPress for Dummies”.   If you were a subscriber or follower of please switch to this site, as will cease to exist on Wednesday, November 17, 2010.  Sorry to make the transfer difficult, but I felt as though evmodernbaby was easier to remember/spell than ellecielvert.  This website is also hosted, so I can do neat things with it, like install a “Products” page where you can view my current products and order them with a simple click of a button and pay directly through Paypal.  I’m so excited, I could pee my pants!  Be patient, my little grasshoppers, as it takes me an exuberant amount of time to learn web and css code.  Expect a lot of changes in this site’s appearance and the “Coming Soon!” products page.  I hope that everything will be in perfect running order by Dec. 31, 2010… just in time for the “Cutie Pie Contest” poll!

Once again, thank you for your continued support!!!

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Isn’t he a cutie?  I was assured that the hat does fit him, it was just excitedly put on top of his wee little head;)

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Thanks for the support!

Here she is!

This lovely lady is Miss Elizabeth or little Lizzie, as I like to call her;)  She is the beauty that got the ball rolling here at Elleciel Vert BABY, so she is very special!  In this photo she is wearing the very first tutu made by EV/me.  It is dry-clean only, unfortunately.  I discovered this when I subsequently made one for Phoebe, washed it, dried it, and discovered that it had shriveled into a wad of horror.  I chalked it up to lesson learned, but you know, sometimes I still forget to check the launder instructions when I go to buy fabric.  Plans are in the making for Lizzie’s super-fluffy wash and wear tutu!

And this handsome young man is Lizzie’s older brother.  He is SuperDan!

He’s saving the world… one hot chick at a time!

Thanks again, Renee!

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More cute ladies…

This is Charlotte:

Isn’t she the cutest?  She’s all ready for her very first tea party!

And this, though very small, is Renee’s niece wearing my very first tutu that I sold.

(This is a life size photo of her.  She’s made her mark in the Guinness Book.  Just kidding!  If I try to blow the picture up any bigger it gets all blurry and yucky.)

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One Style, Two Cute Models!

I have been so busy that I have neglected this site far too long! I have been offered an opportunity to have some of my children’s clothing to be displayed and sold at a small business. It makes me less nervous to do this than to sell my designs online. The idea that purchasers are able to pick up my clothing and judge its quality and design in person before they buy means everything to me. There’s nothing worse than a cloud of dread hovering over you wondering if a buyer got clothing in the mail only to be disappointed with the result. And disappointment is inevitable when they only have a tiny picture to go buy online. So anyway, I’m excited and have been sewing around the clock to get some outfits together. I’ll post details about the vendor when everything’s set up properly.

In the meantime, I’d like to post these pictures of two very adorable models of mine. I should’ve posted them long ago, so my apologies to my models’ mommies!

This is Mia!  Wish I could have a bigger version of the picture below, but for some reason, no matter what I do, it only comes up in this tiny thumbnail size.  Trust me, though, she’s insanely cute and I will soon have to pay her for further modeling jobs.

And this is Emma!!! 

She’s as perfect as a doll baby!

Yay!  The kinks in sizing Emma’s dress were worked out and her mommy was very sweet about everything.  A big thank you to Courtney Carter for being my 3rd paying customer!!!