A store of my own.

Guess what?!

I have my own domain www.evmodernbaby.com, again!

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 5.52.19 PM

Pretty cool, huh?!

I’m wrapping up a girl’s Easter outfit (shirt & skirt set).  I made the sample for Tess and it took some math, as I had to alter the pattern, myself.  I foresee myself visiting YouTube for some pattern making tutorials in the near future to help speed up production time.  I think I pleated and repleated and marked pleats and remarked pleats about a dozen times before I finally got it to the proper waist size.


Oh, look!  There actually exists quite a few websites that have a calculator that will determine pleat sizes based on your measurements.  Should’ve just turned to the web instead of pen and paper.  Sometimes technology really is useful.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 6.04.32 PM

Once I’ve perfected the art I will share a tutorial complete with troubleshooting tips like the one above.  Stay tuned… There are a lot of exciting things coming soon!

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Go on and VOTE! Blog-tastic Giveaway!

It’s Election Day!  Yay!  And after you choose our President and vote yes or no to same sex marriage or to allow casinos in PG county (if you live in Maryland), hop on over to Patching Hearts

where you can enter to win a free onesie (boy or girl choices sizes neborn-12 months)

Giveaway Personalized Girl Onesie

Boy Giveaway Personalized Onesie

or a pair of boots (infant/baby sizes 1-6)

Giveaway Boots

made by yours truly, here at EVmodernbaby!  You can enter a maximum of 8 different ways today and then continue to enter by commenting on Patching Hearts everyday to optimize your chances of winning.  Not only is Karen and awesome mother and great friend, but she is a talented mommy blogger, so be sure to “follow” her blog whether you enter the giveaway or not!  Have fun and I hope you win!


It’s just SUPER!

I wanted to throw in a quick thank you to Rachael Dyda and her friend Erin for buying and sending me a picture of this adorable guy in one of my capes…

Super Beck!

Erin kindly sent me this picture of Beck about 9 months ago, but I had forgotten that I set up a separate business email and given it to Rachael to pass along.  Now that the website is in it’s final stages of creation, the store is up and running, and sales are moving on Etsy, I’m not as flustered as I was a year ago.  My apologies to Rachael, Erin, and another friend of hers, Lis who tried to place an order on that forgotten email address.

Anyway, back to Beck… Isn’t he cute?

Thanks again, guys!

If anyone would like to place an order for a custom cape (colors, initial, and superhero symbol) feel free to contact me!  ALL email addresses are now directly connected to my phone now.  ellecielvert@gmail.com, leilajax@verizon.net, or leave a comment!  I’ll be placing a listing for a custom cape order in my store soon!

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…and here is your first tutorial link!

Ahhh, so I noticed, in my “About” page, that I would offer tips and tricks for the beginning sewer.  Since I’m a beginner myself, I’ve noticed good help is hard to come by… except for the occasional tutorial on YouTube, but even then you have to have a pretty substantial background in sewing.  For instance, the most popular tutorial search that I make when I sew is “how to add a zipper”, but you have to know what type you want to do (lapped, invisible, centered, etc…) and you install zippers at the end of your project which makes it oh-so-tricky because if you screw it up… well, you’ve just screwed it all up.  Crap!

So, I thought the first tutorial link should be the easiest and most requested by mothers.










Shew… I know, I worked really hard on this post for you guys;)

Actually, I didn’t at all… in fact, I didn’t even make sure that the link to to tutorial worked.  Good grief!  Never fear, all is working perfectly well now!


Want to know how to vote?

Please click on the tab marked “Cutie Pie Contest 2011” at the top of this page to view photos and vote. The contest doesn’t officially start until January 3, 2011.  Votes made before January 3, 2010 (I had to vote on some photos to make sure that the poll was working) won’t be valid, so please ignore them if they pop up.  The contest is based on a 5 star rating system only because it was the easiest poll to install, not because I thought that you’d give the Cutie Pie of your choice any less than 5 stars.  You can vote on as many photos as you like, but you can only vote on each photo once per email address.  Email addresses are only needed to cast and confirm a vote.  They will be unseen by everyone, including me, and will not be recorded.  I, nor anyone else, will have access to any email addresses, so no worries about spam or privacy issues.  Your vote is your knowledge and yours alone!  Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to keep the ratings private, as well, so this will be an all-out competition.  Hope that you’re up for it and tell your friends and family to vote!

To enter a photo please email me via ellecielvert@gmail.com or message me on Facebook before Mon. Jan. 3, 2011.  The last day to cast votes will be Mon. Jan. 31, 2011.  That gives everyone 4 weeks to get the word out and vote!

For more details: Cutie Pie Contest Posts


This website is moving….

This website will cease to exist on Nov. 17, 2010!

The new web address is http://www.evmodernbaby.com

Please stop by and tell me what you think.  It is brand new, so bear with me while I learn all about web and css codes.  It will be much improved over the next 2 months.

Once again, I appreciate all of your support and couldn’t have done any of this without you!


Cutie Pie Contest – update

A new shipment of clothing is ready to be delivered to Europa in Cambridge, but will be delayed.  When my computers crashed, both within a month, they took my clothing tags with them.  All of my memory was lost and apparently, my tags and logo were not saved on the backup external drive.  Of course!!!  So, I’m having to revamp my logo and tags from scratch and it’s taking longer than anticipated.  Onwards and upwards, though!!!    Shipment should be available by the planned 2nd week of November date.

EV Cutie Pie Contest- 2010

I have received a few photos already and I’m so excited.  Please know that you are welcome to enter multiple photos of one child.  The only rule is that the child must be wearing a different Elleciel Vert item in each photo.  Votes will be tallied per photo and then totaled per child.

In addition, those who enter a professional quality photo will be eligible for a free gift.  That’s right, win, lose, or draw a professional photo is worthy of a free EV gift (stay-tuned for details)!  Please ask photographer to brand the photo (for their own advertisement) and to release the photo for use on this website.  If you or the photographer have any questions feel free to email me @ ellecielvert@gmail.com.

P.S.  EV’s version of baby boots (Ugg-style with an EV twist) coming soon!!!